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Steve Cohen, King Of Our Heart, Recounts The Worst Day Of His Life

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Was it: a) the day two of his employees put the firm's name in headlines next to 'women's underwear' and 'estrogen pills' b) the day his ex-wife broke out of the psych ward c) the day he had to put his traders in a time out or d) none of the above?

The correct answer we were looking here was d, none of the above.

[Cohen] remembered getting his clock cleaned on a long position in Tenet Healthcare in 2002, losing $75 million to $80 million on the trade. He described the stock drop in Tenet because of a scandal as one of the worst days of his life. Mr. Cohen said it got worse when he came home that night and his wife was orchestrating their Christmas card photograph and made him dress up as the King of Clubs, [Hearts, and Diamonds].

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