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UBS Traders Suspended, May Be Fired After "Physical Fight" On The Floor

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Earlier this week in Sydney, the head of UBS's institutional sales desk, George Kanaan, and executive director Mark Fitzgerald were "sent home" after a gentle shove by Kanaan in Fitzgerald's direction "quickly escalated," with the two being separated by colleagues. They were told to leave the building immediately and have not been allowed back since Tuesday.

Today Kanaan and Fitzgerald, who have "known and worked with each other in financial and trading circles for the past 15 years," will be told whether or not they still have jobs. More important however, is determining how the fight got started. Supposedly the altercation "broke out over the handling of a line of stock during the trading session" but is that cause for punching someone? Seems like there must be a little more to this thing. According to an email thread about the incident, "Kanaan started it and Fitzgerald finished it...Obviously the PA they likely employed last week was hotter than they thought!" Not really sure what that means though it sounds like perhaps a lady was part of the dispute. Anyway! Your speculation is welcome at this time.

UBS Probes Trading Room Scrap [Australian]


UBS Broker May Have Taken Stress Of The Job Out On 70 Windows In Beverly Hills, Encino Using "Slingshot Projectiles"

This is his story. The unlikely suspect in a string of window breakings in Beverly Hills -- a 58-year-old Encino investment adviser -- may be connected to 70 additional cases in the area, authorities said. Michael Steven Poret, a broker at UBS Financial Services, was arrested in Encino last week. Police say that Poret vandalized numerous businesses along Ventura Boulevard and several private homes in Beverly Hills. A witness account and private surveillance footage have depicted the vandal as a graying man in white gloves firing marbles at plate glass windows with a slingshot from the driver's seat of his car, then driving away in no apparent hurry. Authorities believe that Poret could be connected to more than 20 vandalism incidents in Beverly Hills and more than 50 in Encino, as well as several other vandalism reports authorities have received in Van Nuys and Topanga Canyon. The vandal appears to target businesses indiscriminately, hitting coffee shops, an autism treatment center and a salon. Luie Velasquez, a detective with the West Valley division of the Los Angeles Police Department, said the police's top theory is that the suspect sought excitement. "Your guess is as good as mine," Velasquez said. "For whatever reason, these individuals get some sort of thrill from smashing windows." Poret was first arrested July 3 after a Beverly Hills patrol officer spotted a slingshot in his vehicle during a traffic stop for a vehicle code violation. A search of his vehicle revealed brass knuckles, knives and slingshot projectiles. Poret was arrested again Thursday in an early morning raid on his Encino home, where police discovered firearms, bb guns, slingshots and marbles similar to those used in the window-breakings. A very understanding victim whose windows were hit three times and cost him $7,000 to repair had this to say: "I mean, I know that an investment bankers* are a little nuts. But you know, maybe the market is that bad. I don't get that. He must be a very frustrated guy." Alleged window-smashing broker may be suspect in 70 more cases [LATimes via TRB] *All together now: broker ≠ investment banker ≠ trader ≠ bank teller