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What Do Wall Street And The Connecticut Man Who Had His Way With A Horse Have In Common?

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First off, you remember the Connecticut man who fisted a horse, yes? For those who fail to recall, last fall, Shelton resident Marian Wegiel was accused of forcing himself on a horse, having been found with "much of his arm inside the animal's vagina."

Wegiel explained at the time that he was merely comforting the horsie--which belonged to his neighbor-- who he claimed to have heard "cry out in distress." His neighbor somehow did not buy the story that this was an accidental fisting with no malice intended and pressed charges that included cruelty to animals, fourth-degree sexual assault, third-degree criminal trespass and second-degree breach of peace.

Today, Wegiel showed up in court, where his lawyer argued that just as Wall Street has often been a victim of the media sensationalism that's led to a demonizing of the industry, so too has Wegs. If we strip away the bull shit, nothing that serious actually went down here.

"If this was a guy and a sheep in Litchfield, and I've had a few of those cases, this would not have gotten nearly the media attention it has," said Ralph Crozier, who represents 63-year-old Marian Wegiel.

"But I guess because a horse is higher off the ground it leaves a little more to the imagination."

I don't actually know how the height of the horse is relevant here but somehow it works. Goldman et al are advised to give Crozier a call, in case they want an attorney who gets them.

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