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Write-Offs: 02.11.11

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$$$ Hisham Ezz Al-Arab, chairman of Commercial International Bank Egypt SAE, said today's news was like Egypt "winning the World Cup" [Bloomberg]

$$$ "Professors at Texas A&M and Ohio State universities concluded that following contrarian investors is more profitable for stocks in which analysts and short sellers strongly disagree. In other words, buy if short interest is low and the analyst consensus is to sell; sell short if short interest is high and the analyst consensus is to buy." [Reuters]

$$$ Fannie, Freddie Phaseout Proposed [WSJ]

$$$ Kinder Morgan's Giant IPO [NetNet]

$$$Bill Ackman's Soft Power [BusinessWeek]

$$$JPMorgan Names New Head for Mortgage Business [Dealbook]

$$$ Larry Fink's positive outlook on Egypt, Facebook [FBN]

$$$ DIY igloo fails when Queens man can't bear the cold and has to evacuate homemade snow shelter [NYDN]