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Write-Offs: 02.14.11

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$$$ Big Hedge Funds Are Snapping Up Municipal Bonds [CNBC]

$$$ Tepper's Appaloosa Boosts Bank Bets, Goes For Beaten-Up Tech [StreetInsider]

$$$ Fannie, Freddie Could Cost $169 Billion to 2012 [Bloomberg]

$$$Berkshire Hathaway Eliminates Stakes in 8 Stocks [CNBC]

$$$ Happy V-Day! If you don't yet have someone to spend the night with, this love expert interviewed by suggests "getting out of the office" and "going places where you can meet member's of the opposite sex." For those of you who do have a boo, she recommends gift giving with the person in mind, not something the girl you were dating five years ago would have liked. [TSC]

$$$ Charlie Sheen says he's ready to start shooting episodes of 'Two and a Half Men' [NYP]

$$$ If you're a woman of Wall Street working in Japan for the first time, be advised: "On Valentine’s Day in Japan, women buy chocolates for male coworkers rather than husbands and lovers, a tradition called “giri choco,” or “obligation chocolate.” With Feb. 14 falling on a weekday for the first time in three years, analysts say that’s a boon for candy makers like Meiji Holdings Ltd., Morinaga & Co., and Morozoff Ltd. " [Bloomberg]

$$$Bailout cop Barofsky resigns as TARP winds down [Reuters]

$$$ General Motors Co. said Monday that its 45,000 U.S. hourly workers will get at least $4,000 each under a profit-sharing agreement with the United Auto Workers that is paying off amid the auto maker's return to profitability. [WSJ]

$$$Donald Trump has made an enemy of Ron Paul [Gawker]