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Write-Offs: 02.22.11

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$$$ World Economy Can Survive Oil Price Surge for Now, IMF Says [Bloomberg]

$$$ "Today's pre-adult male is like an actor in a drama in which he only knows what he shouldn't say. He has to compete in a fierce job market, but he can't act too bossy or self-confident. He should be sensitive but not paternalistic, smart but not cocky. To deepen his predicament, because he is single, his advisers and confidants are generally undomesticated guys just like him...Relatively affluent, free of family responsibilities, and entertained by an array of media devoted to his every pleasure, the single young man can live in pig heaven—and often does. Women put up with him for a while, but then in fear and disgust either give up on any idea of a husband and kids or just go to a sperm bank and get the DNA without the troublesome man. But these rational choices on the part of women only serve to legitimize men's attachment to the sand box. Why should they grow up? No one needs them anyway. There's nothing they have to do." [WSJ]

$$$ Science: Fake Smiling at the Office Actually Makes You Miserable [DI]

$$$ Suit Cites 'Internal Wonder' at Citi Over Madoff's Operations [WSJ]

$$$Ex-Disney Assistant Sentenced in Insider Trading Case [WSJ]

$$$Pirates Kill 4 US Hostages Near Somalia [Reuters]