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Write-Offs: 02.24.11

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$$$What Vikram Pandit Knew, and When He Knew It [Bloomberg]

$$$ "A year ago, a family living in this village in the middle of a marsh in the south of Russia revealed what they called a miracle: On the skin of their newborn boy, entire verses from the Koran were appearing, lingering for a few days, and then vanishing. One day, the looping swirl of letters ran down a chubby leg. Another, the name of God shone behind an ear. Quickly, images of Ali, now 2 years old, spread through the North Caucasus. To many, he became a symbol of hope for peace in a mostly Muslim region that has been at war, on and off, for two decades. Ali showed up on cellphone screens and Internet sites, and pilgrims flocked to this place, whose name in Russian means Red October Village. And then, seemingly as quickly as it had started, Ali was hidden from the world. For a few weeks now, the boy’s parents and grandparents have refused to allow outsiders to see him. The reason, bizarrely enough, is Anna Chapman." [NYT]

$$$US Cannot Confirm Rumors Gaddafi Shot; Oil Tumbles [Reuters]

$$$ Ex-Morgan Prop. Chief Sze (Officially) Founds Hedge Fund [FINalternatives]

$$$ NYC’s young women out-earning the men, ladies are picking up the tab more often at the end of the night [NYP]

$$$AIG Looks To Return To Normalcy [WSJ]

$$$Harold Ford Moving From Flatiron to Chelsea Co-op [Curbed]

$$$ Soros Fund Management's flagship hedge fund had its worst year in eight in 2010, returning just a quarter of what the average hedge fund returned. [FINalternatives]