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A Little Perspective For Raj Rajaratnam: It Could Be Worse (You Could Be Barry Bonds)

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Yes, everyone who's testified so far has said you've paid them for inside information to trade, that you told them to keep the activities on the hush hush and that you played favorites with your tipsters. Each and every time someone takes the witness stand it gets worse and worse, like a bomb that won't stop exploding. Still, despite nearly two months to go, it seems unlikely anyone could get up there and do you as bad as this:

Barry Bonds’s ex-mistress testified that the slugger told her in 1999 or 2000 that he took steroids and said she observed physical changes in him, including testicle shrinkage and problems with sexual performance...“The shape, size of his testicles, smaller, unusual, different shape, and he had some trouble keeping an erection and tried some things to resolve that,” Bell said.