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A Prosecutor's Love Of Water Sports May Be The One Thing That Can Save Raj Rajaratnam From Jail Time

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If you've been keeping up with the Raj Rajaratnam insider trading trial, you may have come to the conclusion that things have not been going so hot for the Galleon founder. Though he is of course innocent until proven guilty, so far jurors have heard that Raj's brother felt the need to destroy his big brother's "private notebooks," tapes of Raj telling Danielle Chiesi to keep their dealings on the down low, tapes of Raj telling a friend he knew to buy shares of a company because "one of our guys is on the board," and testimony from former McKinsey exec that Raj paid him $1 million for his tip about AMD’s acquisition of ATI, leaving one to conclude Rajaratnam doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting off. Unless, of course, some sort of improbable information emerged, like evidence that it wasn't actually Raj on all those taped phone calls, or the 7-man defense team caught a lucky break. A tip, if you will, that they'd be fools not to trade on.

Without involving ourselves, we're just going to throw it out there that Manhattan Assistant US Attorney Jonathan Streeter, the lead prosecutor on this case, may or may not be able to be bought. According to the latest issue of a real publication called WaterSki magazine, Streeter is a huge water skiiing fan who keeps a boat upstate, having honed his craft as a kid on Lake Michigan, and later, with summers on Lake Winnipesaukee, where he left his boat without a cover every night until it sunk after a storm one night. The incident didn't deter him and one day last fall, Streeter cut out of trial prep to take part in a photoshoot of New Yorkers skiiing the hudson, after receiving a call just that morning asking if he wanted in.

Streeter "cabbed it from his office" to Chelsea Piers, the mag says. The accompanying photo shows him stepping out of a yellow cab in a dark suit with a giant smile. Sarah Kinbar, who wrote the story, told On The Money the shoot happened on a Monday and says the event was planned so last-minute Streeter had to change in a restaurant bathroom. The prosecutor, who's now tied down to the Manhattan federal courtroom where the trial just capped off its third week, is quoted as saying, "I had to show up. I'm always psyched to ski."

Does this mean Streeter can for sure be had? We're not saying that at all. All we're doing is putting information out there that seems to imply the prosecutor works to waterski, and asking, what if a benefactor could make it so he could waterski as work? And suggesting it couldn't hurt for Raj to write "get your skis shined up, grab a stick of Juicy Fruit, the taste is going to move you" on a sheet of paper, balling it up, and throwing it in Streeter's direction, just to gauge interest.

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