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Anyone Have An Open Seat On Their Trading Floor For A Writer Seeking Material?

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Joel Stein is a reporter for Time magazine writing his first book. It's about "learning, at 39, how to finally become a man." In addition to "the typical red state stuff" (4 days of basic training in the army; fight Randy Couture from the UFC; hunt; do a shift as a fireman; fix a house; work in the pit crew at a car race), there is a chapter about Wall Street. That's where you come in.

He tells us:

"My dream was to find a day trader to let me trade 100s of thousands of dollars for the day. I did not find that person. Instead I spent the day with Robert Sloan at S3, which is kind of a market for option rebates. Not all that sexy.

Any advice on something I could DO to feel a part of the Wall Street life? Someone that would let me trade - even if they have to be anonymous in the book? Or a group of Wall Street guys who will take me to a strip club with them? Or a boiler room where I could do sales for a day? A low level job I could do for a day or two? Or some something else?"

Any ideas? Do share with Joel/the group. Feel free to think outside the box.