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Banker Who Fears She's "Too Good Looking" For This Business Seeks Advice

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A London-based banker has written to the Financial Times with a problem related to her hotness. She says:

I know that you will think this problem is mad, but I fear I’m too good looking for corporate life. As a student I used my looks to make money modelling, but now that I’m in the City I feel they are holding me back. Female colleagues distrust me, while male colleagues are drawn to me, but don’t take me very seriously. My boss has told me that I need to network more. But I find networking events are ghastly, with all the eager men dribbling over me. What can I do, short of turning up to work in a bin liner?

Banker, female, 27

The FT's columnist, Lucy Kellaway, will respond on April 13. In the meantime, should you have any pearls of wisdom to offer on this matter, being too sexy for the biz yourself or having coached a colleague through a similar situation in the past, please share them at this time.

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