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Been Fantasizing About Seeing Eliot Spitzer And Dick Grasso Run Against Each Other For Mayor Of New York City?

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If you've been dying for a while to see the Steamroller and Dick Grasso battle each other for the job of running NYC but never told anyone about it because you felt silly, given that it will never happen, you're not alone: reporter Charlie Gasparino, too, would love such a match-up and despite being told Ashley Alexandra Dupré vs Gary Busey would have a better chance of coming to fruition, can't help himself. He's decided to put it out there, today, Secret-style, in the hopes the universe will give it back to him.

Eliot Spitzer's resurrection -- from the disgraced gov ernor better known as Cli ent 9 to CNN talk-show host -- has the political class buzzing about him running for mayor in 2013. Wilder still, one of his former targets is talking about running against him. Former New York Stock Exchange chief Dick Grasso -- one of the highest-profile targets of Spitzer's uneven assault on Wall Street -- has quietly been telling friends that he's leaning toward challenging Spitzer as a Republican (particularly if Police Commissioner Ray Kelly doesn't seek the GOP nomination himself, as some speculate he will).

Sure, Grasso (a Jackson Heights native) has no political experience, unless you consider his long years as NYSE chief, before he was forced out in 2003 amid the controversy over his massive compensation package. But ever since he beat back Spitzer's charges that he'd improperly collected tens of millions in salary as the head of the NYSE back in 2008, Grasso's been dropping hints to reporters that he may run for public office, possibly mayor. And I'm told that Grasso's enraged at Spitzer's resurrection, as the liberal media and left-wing documentarians paint him as a force for pure good during his days as AG over the pure evil that were his Wall Street targets (Grasso included).

Yes, Chaz, concedes, there are "a few caveats," such as the fact that Spitzer hooker banging past would present some issues and that Dick Grasso might just be fucking with him.

The Grasso-for-mayor notion is a longshot (Grasso, who didn't return a phone call, is known for playing practical jokes), and the Spitzer-for-mayor scenario is far from a layup.

NEVERTHELESS. CG wants- no, needs this- in his life so please, everyone cross your fingers and toes it happens, even though it's also unlikely because, Gasparino says, Spitzer is a pussy but still.

Here's hoping that the absurd actually becomes reality, and Spitzer goes toe-to-toe with Grasso, who won't be bashful about pointing all this out. I know Grasso is game, but somehow I think Spitzer will chicken out rather than face the possibility of a more balanced depiction of his record.

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Earlier this month, the Times reported that Mayor Bloomberg and his advisers had been "floating the possibility of mayoral runs to at least five boldface figures," including Chuck Schumer, Mort Zuckerman, Ed Rendell, Edward Skyler, and Hillary Clinton. Strangely left off the list? A woman who some might say is actually Hizzoner's most worthy successor and who conveniently announced her intent to run today: Kristin Davis, the woman who once supplied Eliot Spitzer with hot young tail.