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Bond Trader Breaks Up Slow Day On The Floor By Practicing With Florida Panthers At MSG

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Yesterday having been a pretty slow day, most of you probably dealt with the boredom in the usual ways (dicking around on the internet, throwing a Nerf ball around with colleagues, untangling your phone cord, counting the number of steps from the bathroom to your desk, fantasizing about a life that doesn't so closely resemble hell, etc). Adam Reasoner cut around 10:30 out to have shots taken on him at Madison Square Garden, after receiving a text from his brother, Marty Reasoner, that the team needed a practice goalie.

"I got the text and I got the missed phone call, so I knew something was up," Adam said. "My boss was like, 'It's slow on the trading floor. Opportunity of a lifetime. Get out there.' I had my [goalie gear] in the weight room, grabbed it and was here in a flash," adding that he told the cab driver to step on it. "I knew a couple of shortcuts he wasn't taking."

Reasoner arrived 20 minutes late but the coach graciously decided not to fine him (and play along with what may have been an elaborate coverup to get a day off from work). Anyway, since today has started out every bit as slow as yesterday, who are you fantasizing about receiving a text from, in need of yours services and requiring you leave the office immediately?

Adam Reasoner Goes from Wall Street to MSG to help Florida Panthers [Miami Herald]
Adam Reasoner goes from Wall Street to Panthers goalie [YS]


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