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Dealbreaker NCAA Tournament Challenge Update: Someone May Or May Not Be Getting Cocky

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Some words numbers from Pool Manager NakedShort and his spreadsheet:

* Chinggis Khan is still our leader with 58 points

* Bubbles is a close second with 57 points

* 2 are tied at 55

* 7 are tied at 54, BUT the Duke loss blew a hole through 2 of those brackets

* 14 are tied at 53; unfortunately 2 of those 14 have Duke winning and one has Pitt as the champion

* 9 are tied at 52 (4 have Duke winning and one has Notre Dame)

* 19 are tied at 51; 5 of those brackets are shot to shit as 2 have Duke, 2 have Notre Dame and one had SDSU

And for the rest of us that are clustered around the 50 point mark, we're probably going to want a chaos scenario play out wherein your winner remains in the tournament. After a less than thorough review of the leading brackets this morning, here is a breakdown of what we need to have happen this weekend if we want a night at Beamers followed by an early morning wreaking of booze, cigarette and vanilla scented lotion:

-Butler needs to beat UF
-Arizona needs to take down UConn
-The East Region is a bit of a clusterfuck, so everyone cheer according to your bracket but know Marquette coming out of that region would screw a lot of folks
-And last but not least under no circumstances does a Kansas loss this weekend help the majority of entrants. For now, for your my sake, for your daughter's sake, ya might wanna think about cheering for a quality team like the Jayhawks.

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A Brief Update From Your Dealbreaker NCAA Tournament Challenge Manager

Some stats and a message about life from Pool Manager NakedShort: "We currently have two overall leader, with 50 points. Congrats to "Golden West" and "Mike Courtney," who had nice opening weekends." Some other top performer stats: 4 people are tied with 49 points 8 are at 48 (1 unlucky entrant picked Missouri to win) 7 are at 47 (Missouri and Duke each fucked one of you) 12 are at 46 (none of you picked any current losers!) "iluvmatt" is leading the 44s The remaining 800 or so are frankly are horrible and should stop watching basketball entirely. For those unlucky souls who had their winner lose this weekend, turn up the speakers and join us in a good cry.

Enter The Second Annual Dealbreaker NCAA Tournament Challenge Today

As Dealbreaker historians will recall, last March marked our first Dealbreaker NCAA Tournament Challenge. It was inspired by a financial services hack who made the public announcement that he planned to (anonymously) report any colleagues he caught filling out brackets and keeping tabs on their picks during business hours. At the time, we encouraged you all to enter as many pools as were available, making it impossible for him to keep up with the amount of people and their offenses he needed to rat out, and created one to do our part. Is this guy still on the loose? He very well might be but regardless: never forget. To that end, sign up for the Second Annual Dealbreaker NCAA Tournament Challenge today. If you need reason beyond being able to say you won the DBNCAATC, first place will receive dinner for him/herself plus some colleagues and/friends at Peter Luger's, an outing funded by us,* a Greenlight Capital messenger bag, a Pershing Square golf umbrella, a pair of Third Point-branded running sneakers, and an I Heart Dealbreaker button.** The pool will once again be managed by Dealbreaker Commenter and Friend NakedShort, who, along with myself, will answer any questions you might have, provide color if warranted (rip everyone’s brackets to shreds, call out the bottom 5 performers), etc. Sign up here now.*** So it is abundantly clear, if you do not want participants to know your real name, MAKE SURE TO FILL OUT SOMETHING ELSE IN THE NAME FIELDS. For example, if your ID is Godswork, rather than writing Lloyd B, enter first name: Gods, last name: work. To that end, if you don’t want people to see your email address, from the bracket page, click ‘options’ and then ‘hide email.’ If you feel it necessary, create an entirely new email account specifically for this challenge. Finally, don’t use HisHoliness as your ID because Alan Greenspan’s already called dibs. The pool password is: animalliar Dealbreaker NCAA Tournament Challenge [CBS Sports] *Last year we offered Wall Street North favorite Beamers Cafe, but the winner had "already seen all Beamers had to offer," and choose an alternative venue. This year, feel free to think outside the box. **If any other hedge funds, private equity firms, or banks would like to be represented via swag, feel free to get in touch! ***NakedShort says you have until Thursday morning to fill out a bracket but you should just get on this ASAP.

An Update From Your Dealbreaker NCAA Tournament Challenge Manager

Some stats and a hidden camera video from Pool Manager NakedShort: "We've got a new leader this week: regrets to "Golden West" and "Mike Courtney," who were knocked out of the first place position and congrats to "Does This Marker Smell Funny," with 98 points. Some other top performer stats include one guy in second with 96 points, one guy in third with 95 points, and one lady ("bankr chick") in fourth with 93 points. "ABCDEF" ended the weekend with 92 points and a fifth place finish but will be ultimately fucked by North Carolina, who he chose to win it all. "ILuvMatt" is in a 17-way tie for 12th, while the real Matt is in 12th-to-last place. If you picked UNC or Syracuse for the title, I've got four words for you."