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Dennis Gartman Just Wants To Point Out That He Sooooo Called This Earthquake

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When discussing the horrible tragedy this afternoon, please, remember to give Gartman credit. Here's what he wrote in a note today:

Not wishing to suggest that we had told everyone to be concerned about such events, we were laughed at two weeks ago when we wrote of the impending close approach of the moon to the earth this week and next. We have done a bit of reading since, and this shall be one of the closest approaches of the moon to the earth in ages and we feared, along with others, that this close approach and the concomitant larger-than-normal gravitational effect of the moon upon the earth would result in increased earthquakes. If the moon’s effect can be larger and smaller upon tides as the moon approaches and recedes from the earth, it seemed quite reasonable to us... and is proven by geological academic studies... that the effect upon stressed areas of the earth’s surface would also be affected. We warned then of increased quake activity during the next several weeks. We shall warn again of that likelihood.

Dennis Gartman: Nobody's Laughing At Me Anymore For My Warning About The "Super Moon" [BI]