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Deutsche Bank Employee Suspended For Taunting Protesting Doctors, Nurses

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He yelled at them to "get a job" as a colleague apparently laughed at the not particularly funny joke made slightly more amusing by the fact that Chuckles' buddy may be out his own.

Mistaking medics chanting “Save Our NHS” and “No More Cuts” for an unemployed mob, he sneeringly mouthed: “Get a job.” A laughing friend shares his sick joke. Last night the smirk was wiped off the banker’s face after the Sunday Mirror showed the picture to German giant Deutsche Bank in London.
Bosses at the firm where investment bankers are on a basic of £350,000 – plus bonuses averaging £54,000 – immediately suspended him. Angry Dr Ron Singer, chairman of the Medical Practitioners’ Union, who was on the NHS Day X march on Tuesday, said: “It was shocking to see people acting in this way when we passed the bank. Nurse Sonia Thomas added: “When I saw what they were doing – waving money at us – it left me so angry. They clearly have no idea of the problems faced by people in the real world.” The banker’s antics came in the week it emerged that taxpayer-rescued Royal Bank of Scotland is paying boss Stephen Hester £7.7million for last year, even though it made a loss.

Banker suspended after Sunday Mirror challenges Deutsche Bank over £10 taunt to nurses and doctors [Mirror]


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