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Does Lenny Dykstra Not Understand The Concept Of Tipping Or Does He Think His Signature Is Worth $200?

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Though he's told reporters he's in the midst of a huge comeback, economically speaking, Lenny Dykstra is still a few paychecks away from getting his $24 million house back from the bank, flying private, paying hookers for services rendered in forms other than the IOU, and taking dates out for a nice steak dinner. As luck would have it, though, last Friday Nails got lucky and after participating in an interview with NBC's "Sports Final," got his dinner at the Palm covered, which is apparently a standard arrangement between the restaurant and the station. After hearing that the tab for him and his "attractive blonde" lady friend would be taken care of, LD proceeded to feast like he wasn't sure when his next meal was coming, ordering two bottles of $150 wine, salads, and surf-and-turn at the table and "crab cakes and assorted desserts" to take back to their room at the Ritz. One would like to say he stopped short of making his date put the silverware in her purse but the scene seems to suggest otherwise. After being handed a bill to sign, Dykstra wrote $200 in the tip section, signed his name, and got out of there, leaving the manager to compensate LD's waiter.

Some people are suggesting Nails "may not have understood that he was responsible for a tip," which seems entirely plausible. Or perhaps he thought his server could get 200, easy, for his John Hancock on eBay? Or he maybe he was trying to give Bill Gross a run for his money in the tipping department?

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