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Eliot Spitzer Wants You To Feel Comfortable Making Jokes About The Time He Got Caught Paying For Hookers

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Former Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer was recently interviewed by Times magazine. On the topic of patronizing prostitutes, which led to his resignation from office, reporter Andrew Goldman asked Ness if he was ready to laugh about the whole thing. Spitzer said that while, personally, he's not yet at the ha-ha stage, he totally gets that his hooker banging days are something other people often bust a gut over and he wants them to know it's okay to do so in his presence.

NYT: I was surprised to hear from someone who appeared on your show that there was actually some joking on the set about the prostitution scandal that forced you to resign. Is this something that you’re able to laugh about now?
Spitzer: No. Trust me, I don’t laugh about it. On the other hand, you don’t live in a hermetically sealed container and pretend things didn’t happen. It makes others feel more comfortable, I think, when they can laugh and see that it is not an issue that can never be raised.

Something to remember if you ever run into Spitz in an elevator and have any questions/comments/jokes about the socks-- you're in a safe place!

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