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Federal Reserve Takes A Page From Goldman Sachs' Playabook

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If you're a person who's living in the past, you were probably very excited to hear that the Federal Reserve would today be releasing secret loan documents detailing who was in some trouble several years ago and who was in some big trouble, in case you were unable to hazard a guess. The Fed originally wasn't going to share any information, having denied Bloomberg's request for the details almost three years ago, but was forced to do so under court order. They really didn't want to but after the Supreme Court said last month they must, everyone came around and said you know what? Sure thing. Happy to do it. You want documents? You're gonna get 'em. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

Liking the move Goldman pulled when it sent the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission thousands upon thousands of documents last year to wade through, some of it germane to the situation, some of it CFO David Vinair sending links to himself from Bon Appetit's website for butter pecan ice cream recipes so he wouldn't forget, the Fed sent Bloomberg and various other news organizations two CD-ROMS containing 894 PDF files and over 25,000 pages of information. Happy hunting.


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Janet et al, who are now giving out relationship advice: kick him (or her) to the curb before this whole thing ends in tears.