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Feds Can Add Loch Capital To The Body Count

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Loch Capital for the hat-trick.

The Boston-based firm, one of four hedge funds raided last November by the FBI, which put on quite the show by telling employees to walk in with their hands in the air, has closed its doors. Loch, which has not been accused of any wrongdoing, apparently officially shuttered things in back in December, though this is the first time anyone's mentioned anything. [BW]


You Can Add The FBI To The (Long) List Of People Impressed With Jeffrey Gundlach's Brain

There is no denying that Jeffrey Gundlach is a hugely talented man whose IQ would rank among the highest in the world if he ever had it tested. "What's it like having lunch with a genius," he once asked a colleague, who presumably answered, "To be honest, it's giving me an inferiority complex just breathing the same air as you, knowing that your brain is the standard for how intelligence will be measured from now until the end of eternity." Until recently, however, the application of Gundlach's brilliance was largely confined to bond management. According to a new profile by Bloomberg Markets, though, Gundlach's intellectual prowess is just as if not more impressive when it comes to crime solving.