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Foreign Banks With Offices In Japan Demonstrate Amazing Pulse Of What's Going On Over There

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No, just messing they either have no idea, are baldfaced liars or have a broad definition of what constitutes 'business as usual.'

* Point: "We are watching the situation as it unfolds, but right now, it's business as usual," Christopher Knight, Japan CEO for Standard Chartered, told Reuters on Wednesday, adding that his office was staffed and open. Other banks, including Citigroup, JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley, also told Reuters that business was operating as usual.

* Counterpoint: Foreign bankers choosing to remain in Tokyo and Japanese bankers said that it was anything but business as usual at the moment with communications patchy, rolling blackouts, thinly-manned desks and so many people looking to leave.

Foreign Bankers Flee Tokyo [Reuters via Heidi Moore]