Goldman Sachs Doesn't See Anything In The Volcker Rule That Prevents The Bank From Making Principal Investments With Its Own Money


The rest of the market thought otherwise but Goldman has another interpretation.

Goldman will continue making principal investments with the firm’s own money because executives don’t think the so-called Volcker rule prevents the practice, a Bank of America Corp. analyst said. The analyst, Guy Moszkowski, published a note to investors today after meeting last week with four Goldman Sachs executives in Hong Kong. New York-based Goldman Sachs doesn’t think U.S. legislation passed last year that bans proprietary trading and limits holdings in hedge funds and private-equity funds precludes buying stakes in companies and other assets, Moszkowski wrote.

“The market interpretation of Volcker rules is that this will be off-limits ahead, but GS believes that many such investments will remain permissible, and will be closing on a ‘meaningful’ one in China shortly,” Moszkowski’s note said.

The investment is in Taikang Life Insurance, with a 12.02 percent stake. Thank you, Pedro!

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