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Great News For Any Socially Awkward And/Or Busy And Important Chicago B-School Students

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If social issues, a punishing course load or sheer laziness prevent you from getting out there and mixing it up with members of the same or opposite sex, a new site by U of Chicago students is here to help.

Being of the mind that Chicago's campus has been "socially repressed for a long time," UCH's founders wanted to create a place that would "spice things up" by "hooking students up with other students for casual sexual encounters." So far the reviews have ranged from "I think it's a great idea" to "This is not for me- I could do a lot better."

Kimberley Wright thinks the site is "a lot of fun" and while she says she won't use it herself, have friends who have. Jon Clindaniel expects UChicagoHookups will be good for the "stuffy academic oasis," and likes that it "allows people to feel free to hook up on their own time and unwind." As one only needs a U of C email address to get in, this thing is open not only tomorrow's Nobel Prize winners but but faculty and alums alike, including Myron Scholes, Cliff Asness, Jon Corzine, John Meriweather, George Shultz, and Pete Peterson. Give it a whirl.

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