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'Harassment On The Trading Floor' Movie Begs For Resolution

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Working on Wall Street, odds are you've been informed by Human Resources of certain behaviors that are not (officially) tolerated by the firm, especially those that would fall under the umbrella of sexual harassment. The Do's and Don'ts were probably reviewed in a training session or online on your own but for some people, who have trouble grasping the concept of why grasping (or doing anything to) the ass of a colleague is frowned upon, a more comprehensive tutorial is necessary. In some cases, in fact, you may have coworkers who need to watch a whole film about sexual harassment before the idea penetrates. The demand for such narratives is demonstrated in an educational flick presumably produced by some sort of employment group entitled "Harassment On The Trading Floor," A Play In Two Acts. Whether you've recently had a report put in your file with regard to forcing underlings to "pay the toll" (e.g. see a blow job to completion) before putting on a trade or are just in the mood for some superb acting, we highly recommend taking a looksee.

In Part I, we meet Anne, Danny and their colleagues. Everyone's going about their business buying, selling and all that jazz, when Danny enters the scene. He tells some guy named Ray the coffee he bought him tastes like garbage and makes him "want to throw up" and then approaches Anne and comments that she looks nice. "Nice sweater," Danny says. "Do they get any tighter than that?" He also tells her to meet him at the bar later, to which Anne responds "Bring your wife," prompting Danny to suggest a threesome. Anne proceeds to ignore him, not seeming to mind Danny's behavior much more than you'd mind that of a pest but colleague Tyler feels differently. "Why do you put up with that," he asks. "It's just Danny," she says. "He does this every day, he's out of line," Tyler tells her. "You should go to John [the boss]. You shouldn't have to put up with it." Knowing that Anne won't do anything, Tyler takes matters into his own hands. He tells John that "One of the guys has been inappropriate comments towards Anne," but won't say who. Later in her review, Anne asks if she's "on track to make managing director" to which John replies "Yes but...have you been having problems getting along with anyone?" Anne says no and insists everything is fine. Later, John runs into Tyler by the vending machines and demands a name, which Tyler initially says he doesn't feel comfortable giving but ultimately admits is Danny. John promises he's not going to "call anyone out" but rather make "a general announcement," which he does, around a conference table, telling everyone "Listen up, guys. Sexual harassment is serious business." But that's not the end of it. Cut to John's office and you've got a pissed of Danny, who's just been informed of his bonus number and it is not good. "Is this a joke? Tell me you're joking John because I'm not laughing. I've got a mortgage to pay, I've got an ex-wife who's extorting me for every penny I have...and I brought in 5 big accounts last year, did anyone bring in 5 big accounts?" John walks through what Danny can do to see more zeros next year and they include "Working with your partners more, helping out some of the new people and...stop making offensive remarks." John says this has nothing to do with Anne but Danny knows. [End scene.]

In Part II Anne, Danny and the gang are back and Danny is none too pleased. He blames Anne (not to her face) for him getting screwed on his bonus and he convinces coworker Stan (a new character) that Anne took part of his "nut" that John took away. Danny warns Stan, "Just be careful what you say around her," which Stan et al interpret as "don't say anything at all." Anne gets the silent treatment, is left out of calls, not invited to drinks with clients and her numbers take a big hit. She tells John she's just having a bad month but he knows the source of the problem. "I'm going to go talk to Danny right now," he tells her.

And we're left with that cliffhanger because there is no Part III, causing a whole bunch of questions to come to mind. Such as:

What happens when John confronts Danny? Does the big D start including Anne again? Does he lose his shit and get fired? If he does get fired, what happens next? Does he leave the office and get drunk, look up Anne's address and wait for her outside her apartment to have words? Or maybe he doesn't get fired and Anne and Danny team up and serve Tyler his comeuppance for getting involved? And to that end, since this was supposed to be an educational video, what is the takeaway here? Don't be a snitch, like Tyler, or you'll just ruin things for everyone? Are Anne, Danny, Tyler, Ray and Stan actual traders and not actors, plucked from their firms to star in this film? And finally, DOES ANNE MAKE MANAGING DIRECTOR??