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Judge Denies Patricia Cohen's Request For The Amount Of Cash Steve Has In His Wallet Right Now

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Not too long ago, Patricia Cohen, the ex-wife of Steve, had a dream. It wasn’t just that she wanted to successfully sue her former husband, who she’d accused of insider trading, hiding marital assets, and so on and so forth and it wasn’t just about money. “No,” Patty said to herself, “dream bigger.” And so she did.

She dreamed of what many want but few have the cojones or ovaries to ask for: SAC Capital. A “substantial if not controlling stake.” Her own desk on the floor. The PMs, the P&L analysts, the bodyguard, the Silver Fox (AKA president Tom Conheeney). They were all gonna be hers. And not just that, she’d take the embalmed pets too. And the fleece jackets in the back. "And throw in some of those vests!" she yelled. Then over the summer, she got a new lawyer, who apparently advised her to pare down her demands. $2.7 million and she'd go away.

Today a judge has informed her she's not even gonna get that, having approved a motion to dismiss the suit. According to SAC, they saw this one coming, saying in a statement: "As we have said from the outset, the allegations by Mr. Cohen's former spouse were entirely without merit. We are pleased that the complaint has been dismissed."