Layoffs Watch '11: Morgan Stanley


A few hundred will be told their services are no longer necessary.

Morgan Stanley will lay off 200 to 300 trainees and lower-producing financial advisers in its brokerage joint venture, according to a person familiar with the situation...Trainees likely to be laid off include brokers who have worked at the firm for six to 36 months who had $25,000 or less in annual production. Lower producers who could be let go include five-year industry veterans who have been with Morgan Stanley for more than a year and have an annual production under $75,000.

There is, however, some hope.

"If someone is showing growth potential, there is discretion involved," the person said.


Layoffs Watch '12: Morgan Stanley

The House of Gorman is said to be in the process of letting some employees down easy. Morgan Stanley will this week complete a round of job cuts that will ultimately lead to the company shedding 100 sales and trading staff, underscoring what is expected to prove a dismal second quarter for Wall Street banks. The cuts are across Europe, the Middle East and Asia, according to people familiar with the New York-based bank’s plans. The bank has so far laid off about two-thirds of its original 100-person target, leaving some 33 people to go this week. Morgan Stanle Said To Shed Staff As Deals Fall [FT]