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Live-Blogging Ray Dalio's CNBC Appearance

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8:25 Bridgewater founder Ray Dalio will be on Squawk Box this morning. Let's follow along.

8:32 Waiting for Ray.

8:35 He's being patched in from LA, which is a disappointment but we'll get through this.

8:36 Ray Dalio says he's appearing on CNBC because he's been getting too much attention from the press.

8:37 And we're off to an awkward start: Joe Kernan tells Dalio the only reason people think his firm is "sinister" and "dark" because of the size of the fund and if it were smaller, no one would say that. Ray: "Uhh. I don't know where you're getting the sinister or dark part."

8:38 Dalio: "You have to be an independent thinker to be successful. Examining past mistakes is what makes us stronger."

8:39 Bridgewater does what it does, re "radical truth seeking"/"personalizing mistakes" because "the biggest impediment to success is the ego."

8:43 Shifting gears, boom countries like China will have difficulty slowing growth

8:44 Many countries have "an inappropriate monetary policy"

8:45: RD: "It's inevitable that the dollar's role in the world will diminish"

8:48 "Countries in trouble can print money, states cannot"

8:51 Financial turmoil often leads to "pronounced social change" (Hitler/1933 are mentioned)