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Maybe This Story About An Investment Banker Biting A Subordinate's Ear Off "Mike Tyson-Style" Isn't As Bad As It Sounds?

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Maybe it was intended to be a playful nibble that went awry?

"When people hear “woman” and “Wall Street,” they expect to hear about sexual harassment. I’ve certainly heard plenty of horror stories from women in their 40s or 50s. They were propositioned by every boss, ordered to wear short skirts, passed over for promotion in favor of under-qualified dunderheads…The list goes on. But by the time I came to Wall Street, the culture had changed, and you couldn’t get away with harassing co-workers in that way. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t any inappropriate behavior, however. Every banker has her own stories, and my friends and I still trade them around.

On one occasion, during an argument at a team dinner, a senior officer leaned over as if to whisper something in his junior colleagues’ ear and then, according to a witness, took a bite out of it, “Mike Tyson style.”

A Woman On Wall Street [WSJ]


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