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Please Identify The Dream Gig: Playing Pro Hockey Or Working As A First Year At JPMorgan

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According to Yale senior Jeff Anderson, you gotta go with the latter. The opportunity to go pro is one thing but work in the same building as Jamie Dimon? Quite another and not something you want to wake up 30 years down the road asking, what if?

Anderson, who hails from British Columbia, led the Bulldogs to their first No. 1 national ranking last December, after joining them in 2007 when they hadn't made past the ECAC Hockey quarterfinals in nine years. He graduates this spring and while he's received "a number of professional hockey opportunities for next year," he's only received one once in a lifetime offer- to work for JPMorgan's sales and trading department.

After "consulting with family, friends and colleagues" on the decision, he ultimately decided that "an opportunity with JPMorgan does not come along every day, and if I pursued hockey, I don’t know if it would be around in the future."

Anderson doesn't mention Jamie Dimon or his hair or his penchant for doing shots with the staff or the way he looks at you with those piercing blue eyes and makes you feel like you're the most important person in the world and no one else matters- whether you're one of his employees or Lloyd Blankfein- as having been a factor in his decision. But as they're the most often cited reasons as why anyone takes a gig at JPM, NHL offers or not, he doesn't have to. We get it.

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