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Pro-Tip For Anyone Interviewing With Bridgewater Associates: Have Your Abortion Answers Ready

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In a recent profile of Bridgewater Associates by AR Magazine, it's noted that prospective employees must "take the Myers-Briggs personality test" and that "Bridgewater staffers...[go] through a rigorous screening process in which they are asked their views on such topics as abortion and God." If we've learned one thing from the hedge fund's guiding Principles, it's that these questions don't have a right or a wrong answer, per se. Rather, they are being posed to see if potential employees have the backbone to present and vigorously defend their ideas, which they will have to do on the regular as members of the staff. As there are presumably a great many of financial services employees out there who would kill for the opportunity to work at the fund, we've decided to do you a solid and conduct a mock interview session in which the abortion question comes up. Please note that we are not suggesting that Bridgewater is either pro-choice or pro-life. In fact, any answer is probably fine with them. Again, it's how you lay it out that they care about. In this exercise, we'll take the pro-life side. Feel free to use these responses verbatim.

Bridgewater interviewer: What are your views on abortion?
You: Pro-choice is death!
Bridgewater interviewer: Wow, that's some strong rhetoric.
You: Thank you.
Bridgewater interviewer: You're really hardcore, aren't you?
You: Oh, well, you know. I mean, if you really want to see hardcore...[pull out a paper and hand it to the interviewer]
Bridgewater interviewer: What's this?
You: That's the list of doctors I'm gonna kill.
Bridgewater interviewer: There's two already crossed out...?
You: Yeah, I know.

You're welcome, in advance. For those who'd like to do a little more prep, please consult this guide.


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