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Raj Rajaratnam Just Wanted To See Anil Kumar Fairly Compensated For His 'Knowledge'

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People helping people is all this is about.

Kumar has admitted accepting $1.75 million from Rajaratnam, a one-time billionaire, in exchange for supplying tips on McKinsey clients, including chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices. On the witness stand, he recounted that the Galleon Group hedge fund founder told him: "You work very very hard. You are underpaid. People are making fortunes ... so just keep track of your knowledge and share it with me."

And for this he should be punished? If helping out a friend in such a way is wrong, Raj doesn't want to be right. Also, who's to say Raj was looking for 'knowledge' about publicly traded companies? He could've very well been asking Kumar to share his formidable pop culture knowledge as Big R geared up for trivia night and the request was misinterpreted. The defense rests!

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