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Raj Rajaratnam Wanted To Make Sure (Alleged) Insider Trading Was Done Very Discreetly

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Not even Danielle Chieisi's "little boyfriends could know." All this business had to be on the total down low. Just Raj, Anil Kumar, Danielle Chiesi and the FBI.

"Keep conversations just personalized to the three of us ... you know, so that we just protect ourselves," Rajaratnam is heard telling two associates on one call, discussing the potential acquisition of Spansion technology company. "Yeah, we just have an email trail right, that uh ... I brought it up and, you know, something like that." The recording was played in a Manhattan federal courtroom during the testimony of disgraced former McKinsey & Co partner Anil Kumar, who has pleaded guilty. Other excerpts of phone taps were played to the 12-member jury last Thursday in a trial that is expected to last two months. "We have to keep radio silence on this. OK?" Rajaratnam tells ex-New Castle Funds LLC trader Danielle Chiesi on one call, and Chiesi responds, "Oh, Please. That is my pleasure." Rajaratnam says, "not even to your little boyfriends you know?"

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