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Sartorial Tip For Anyone At The Rajaratnam Trial Not Interested In Seeing Raj Break Out In Stress Hives

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According to a former employee, the Galleon founder has a visceral hatred of the color red and is known to have cut a bitch for wearing the offending shade. As it would probably be against his (7) lawyers' wishes for Rajaratnam to leap across the table and flip out on anyone in the courtroom sporting said color, do him a favor and refrain. Or if you're part of the prosecution and need an extra edge, proceed.

"One of the funnier things about working at Galleon was Raj's penchant for green over red. He was pretty superstitious, and believed that wearing red was bad luck (he had a big preference for green for obvious reasons). Now, as you can well imagine, wearing red while dressed for a hedge fund job is pretty tough to pull off, as it's not as if Brook Brothers is kicking out red suits during its monthly twofer sales.

As a result of basic fashion trends, ground zero for Raj's issues with employees wearing red invariable came to light on casual Fridays at Galleon, at the 8:35 morning meeting.

If there's a new guy in red, everyone else knows full well what's going to happen to this poor schmuck when Raj takes his seat at the head of the table. I don't care if Lehman is gapping down 15% in the pre-market and the sky is falling, "attack the tomato" is going to be Raj's first order of business, and everyone in the room knows it. At 8:35 Raj would take his seat and hone in on the guy. Raj would sit and look at him and say something like, "Do you like losing money", "Are you here to lose money", "Did we hire you to lose money"?

They guy would stutter something out after Raj's opener and then Raj would explain to him that red represents a loss and losses are unacceptable. He'd ask him if he thought losing was acceptable. Eventually, he would offer to give the guy money to buy a shirt of another color from a nearby store."