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Tokyo-Based JPMorgan Staff Give New York Employees A Run For Their Money

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As we reported last week, when the earthquake hit, JPMorgan CEO James Dimon did not think twice about booking a flight to Japan to visit with employees and clients affected by the disaster. He arrived yesterday and, hearteningly, seems to have breathed new life into the area with his mere presence, lifting the spirits of those who were badly in need of a pick-me-up. Dimon offered "a silent prayer" for the victims of the 'quake and delivered a "short but moving" speech to a sizable crowd, who was extremely happy to see him. “As part of the staff based in Japan, I was really encouraged by his visit,” a person at the bank told the Journal. As for what happened next, we don't want to scare anyone but all Park Ave-based employees should be taking careful notes.

According to one person, snaking lines formed around the smiling CEO as people waited to get a photo with Mr. Dimon, who became a legend for steering the bank through the global financial crisis. The photo session went on for about two hours in the evening.

“It was almost like he was a Japanese pop idol,” the person said. Mr. Dimon also appeared on the trading floors to mingle with his staff earlier this morning.

While JPMorgan employees at home surely respect JD and perhaps even still get butterflies in their stomachs when glimpsing him in the building, few if any whip out a pitchbook or a breast for Dimon to sign. And one can't but wonder if the contrast between how he was received in Tokyo and the reception he receives at home will stick out in his mind. If you're at 270 and feel silly worrying, yet can't get the idea out of your head that maybe JD will decide to relocate and abandon you, start thinking about what you can do to make him feel as loved as your counterparts in Japan. Sending him a care package while he's gone with (photoshopped) pictures of the two of you to remind him what you look like would be a good jumping off point, as would rallying the troops to plan a "Welcome Home, We Love You" parade, and, if you really want to tip the scales, asking him to be a sperm donor for your unborn child.


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