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Venture Capitalist Chris Burch Has The Audacity To Think Anyone Is Buying His Reason For Putting A 10-Foot Tall TV In His Hamptons Backyard

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Christopher Burch is a venture capitalist (and ex-husband of designer Tory Burch) who's got a Southampton vacation home and a dream: to build a 10-foot tall, 16-foot wide TV in his backyard. The contraption- which will be designed to last at least a decade, be positioned so it's in view of the master bedroom, and come outfitted with a remote-controlled door in the event of rain- is so big Burch must gain approval from a zoning board, which his neighbors are trying to block. They're pissed, as people tend to get over such things. "I'm totally against it," shared Jonathan Foster. "It's a shame when people have that kind of money," Keith Tuthill said. Their fury, however, is misplaced. What their gears should be grinded over is the story Burch is trying to feed them re why he needs this TV.

Scott Casselman, a rep for the screen's maker, Multimedia LED, insisted that the TV will not be used to create the ultimate man-cave -- it would be put solely to the highbrow pursuit of displaying images of famous art works.


It's being built to "put a Monet in the backyard" and yet "the screen will still be able to show movies, TV and the Internet." Burch is putting this thing up so he can watch Cheaters and trade from the comfort of his bed. That's not something we begrudge him and actually sounds like a pretty good set up. But cut the amateur hour crap. Do you know who you're dealing with? We're all on to you.

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