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Want To Mix It Up With A Colleague?

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BusinessWeek is here to help! The magazine, for some reason, is offering tips for people interested in "picking-up" a co-worker.

None of them seem to be in anyway tailored to the situation- namely, that you're trying to hit on someone in your place of business and not out at a bar- and include the following:

* "Ask questions like you're a radio show host and they're the guest." (That one comes from Neil Strauss, author of The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists)

* "If you can't think of a question, ask someone if they floss before or after brushing."

* Use a straightforward approach like, "I think you're really pretty, and you're probably also cool. Give me your phone number, and then I'll call you and we'll go do something fun."

We've come up with a few that probably couldn't hurt your chances any worse than the above, such as:

* Get the objection of your affection's attention by shouting "I want you inside me!" from across the room. (In the unlikely event he/she looks at you like a freak, and responds "Uh..what?" shake it off and tell them "Oh, I was just saying hey...from before.")

* A great line should be a springboard to a follow-up conversation. Approach the dime you've got your eye on and ask, "How many sexual partners have you had in your life?"

* Strauss likes breaking the ice with a "sincere open-ended question about a topic you're genuinely interested in." So try this: "Do you know what the the statute of limitations on manslaughter is?"

Hope this helped.

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