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What Did Lloyd Blankfein Say To Raj Rajaratnam During Their Friendly Exchange And Handshake Yesterday?

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As you might have heard, yesterday was the most majestic day of the Raj Rajaratnam insider trading trial, as it starred witness Lloyd Blankfein. After several hours of questioning (and one patently absurd effort by the court illustrator), the judge called for a quick break. During that time, Lloyd apparently "walked up to defense lawyer John Dowd," with whom he "exchanged some words and a laugh," and then "rapidly extended his arm and quickly shook Rajaratnam's hand." A very brief dialogue ensued, Raj "smiled" and Blankfein walked away. What did LB say to elicit the grin of the former Goldman client?

Unfortunately, the two men weren't wearing mics, so we have no idea. But! Surely we can take an educated guess, being intimately familiar with both parties' thinking. Did Lloyd tell Raj:

* "Don't worry, we've got no beef with you. It's Gupta who will die for this."

* "If you take the stand it helps to picture the jury in spandex yoga pants."

* "I saw your tourney bracket and you are fucked."

* Wildcard