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Who Wants To Work With An Insufferable Prick That Plans To Make Management 'Aware' Of All Employees Filling Out March Madness Pools?

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Today's your lucky day! This guy actually exists.

71.5 percent of respondents to Vault's 2011 Office Betting Survey admitted to taking part in some kind of office pool. Of those, some 65 percent said that their workplace gambling had included an NCAA bracket. That figure trumps all other forms of workplace betting, including Super Bowl boxes (58 percent) and Oscars pools (just 13 percent of respondents had gambled on any kind of awards show). Regardless of what activity they're choosing to bet a portion of their hard-earned cash on, workers need to be careful not to spend too much of their on-the-clock time making or obsessing over their picks. While 77 percent of employees claim to spend less than half an hour of work time a day on their picks (with many spending no time at all), any perception that you're shirking your duties in favor of gambling is likely to be viewed dimly by at least some colleagues.

"The next time I see [colleagues using work time to focus on office pools], I'm going to put an anonymous note on all the bosses desks to make them aware” warns one respondent.

Do you know this man or woman? Do you know what happened to him or her in childhood that made him feel the need to act on the behalf of management (which is probably filling out pools as well)? Do you know if the threat just includes people filling out paper brackets or if he/she will be peering over people's shoulders and checking browser history?

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