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Write-Offs: 03.15.11

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$$$ "You weren't charged with money laundering, right?" Rajaratnam's main lawyer, John Dowd, asked Kumar, who has been on the witness stand in Manhattan federal court for three days. "You understand that they could have charged you?" "Yes," Kumar replied glumly after a long pause. [Reuters]

$$$Morale Is High At The SEC [FINS]

$$$ Japan Nuclear Reactor Fire Heightens Radiation Fears [Reuters]

$$$ Apple Delays Launch Of IPad 2 In Japan Following Disaster [WSJ]

$$$ Ruth Madoff Account Got $14 Million Via Fraud, Trustee Says [Bloomberg]

$$$ “It’s very stressful, you know every day you come in and it’s, I feel like I’m fighting Muhammad Ali,” Mr. Rajaratnam said. “I know he’s stronger and he’s faster, but you’re in the ring with him. And he doesn’t just, you know, you try to survive and hope that he gets tired, you know?” [Dealbook]