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Write-Offs: 03.18.11

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$$$ Goldman Sachs Code Thief Gets 8 year, 1 Month In Jail [WSJ]

$$$Does Anne Hathaway Drive Berkshire Hathaway's Stock? [The Atlantic]

$$$Global Intervention Slows Yen's Rise [WSJ]

$$$ Harvard MBA Index Flashes ‘Sell’ Warning [NetNet]

$$$ Sushi Restaurants Drop Japanese Fish on Radiation Fears [Bloomberg]

$$$ BofA Credit Chief Plots Fund [AR]

$$$ Insider Trader's Biopic At Risk [WSJ]

$$$Apple, Google May Profit on a Tax Holiday [BW]

$$$ Hurd Letter In HP Lawsuit May Be Unsealed [Bloomberg]

$$$ Stephen Schwarzman: Good Growth Ahead For US [CNBC]