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Write-Offs: 03.24.11

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$$$ Larry Fink: US Equities Are Cheap, 'Under-Invested' [CNBC]

$$$ JPMorgan: How We Landed The AT&T Deal [Fortune]

$$$ “Our experience worldwide is that first-generation wealth is actually more generous than dynastic wealth,” Bill Gates said today at a press conference in New Delhi. “Both here in India and U.S. and other countries, the biggest givers are those who are receivers of first-generation wealth.” [Bloomberg]

$$$ Hedge Funds Under The Gun To Meet New SEC Deadline [Reuters]

$$$ Warren Buffett: Euro's Collapse Is Not 'Unthinkable' [CNBC]

$$$ Plaza Hotel Condo Sale Sets Record At $48 Million [Bloomberg]

$$$ Barry Minkow Charged in Fraud Against Lennar [WSJ]

$$$ Paulson, Elliott, DE Shaw, Caxton Lobby At The Fed [AR]

$$$Carlyle Team to Hire For Sub-Saharan Africa [FINS]