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Write-Offs: 03.30.11

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$$$ "What David Sokol did was, the only word that comes to mind, shabby, and I am shocked he did it,” Jeff Matthews, author of “Pilgrimage to Warren Buffett’s Omaha” and founder of hedge fund Ram Partners LP, said in an e-mail. “Buffett says it wasn’t illegal, but it is not how you do deals, and especially not how you do them at Berkshire.” [Bloomberg]

$$$ David Sokol: Timeline of His Lubrizol Stock Purchases [Deal Journal]

$$$ Surprise Resignation of Leading Buffett Successor Raises Unanswered Questions [CNBC]

$$$ AIG CEO Warns Taxpayers Could Lose Money On Bailout [Reuters]

$$$ Las Vegas Sports Books Are Wary of VCU’s $50,000 NCAA Tournament Long Shot [Bloomberg]

$$$ Tilikum, whale who killed trainer Dawn Brancheau in Orlando last year, returns to SeaWorld show [NYDN]