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Area Man Gets Three And Half Years Behind Bars For Telling Women He Worked At Deutsche Bank

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Pretend, for a moment, that you are the sort of person who would lie to a female to get what you wanted in the short term. If you figured a (fictional) gig on Wall Street might help you attain certain goals, which firm would you go with? Depending on who the lie was being told do, most hedge funds would probably be out, as a) they're not household names to the general population and b) should the lady in question happen to know the firm of which you speak, a staff of <1,000 could pose problems should she know someone else who works there and decide to do a background check. Restricted to banks, Goldman would presumably be the (fake) employer many would go with,** unless they wanted to come off as "finance-y, but also man of the people" in which case it'd be Citi. Jay D. Singh chose Deutsche Bank, which apparently worked just fine for quite some time.

Jaitass Dhanoa, also known as Jay D. Singh, 27, preyed on women, using social-networking sites that included and Online, he wooed three Philadelphia women of Asian Indian descent with tales of high finance and high-class travels. He lied about his name, his background, his citizenship, his employment, and his intentions, federal prosecutors said. He said he worked for Deutsche Bank and the International Monetary Fund. He showed the women fake e-mails and a bogus U.S. passport. Dhanoa said he had pretended to be a U.S. citizen because he feared Indian American women would otherwise see him as a gold digger seeking an American wife only for the permanent-resident status marriage could provide.

One victim, engaged to marry him until another victim contacted her to disclose Dhanoa's lies, described him as weaving a complex web of deceit and fake documents. The woman, identified in court documents as M.P., said he had schemed to trick her, her parents, and her brother into believing that his father was a U.S. general and that he had dual citizenship. "He created a relationship where I kept falling more and more in love," the victim told U.S. District Judge Eduardo C. Robreno in a long, angry statement. She said Dhanoa at one point had presented her with an expensive diamond pendant. She later discovered he had paid for it with a credit card he fraudulently opened under her name. She said he also had conned a fourth woman and may have exploited at least 11.

Singh pleaded guilty to aggravated identity theft, bank fraud, and false representation of U.S. citizenship and today was sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison which it looks like he'll have to serve, unless Josef Ackermann can help a brother out.

Social-media gigolo sentenced to 31/2 years in prison [Philly]

**If you beg to differ, please let us know, along with your detailed reasoning.


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