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Bank Of America To Appoint Jennifer Hill New CFO

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The lady of the hour is a former Goldman MD and current RBS exec.

The move is the latest management shakeup at Bank of America. When the nation’s biggest bank announced disappointing first quarter earnings earlier this month, it also disclosed that chief financial officer Charles Noski would leave his post after only a year to tend to “a serious illness of a close family member.”...RBS informed its staff on Thursday that Ms. Hill had resigned her post as head of strategy and corporate finance. She also was a member of the bank’s management committee.

Ms. Hill is set to join Bank of America’s global banking and markets division in July, about the same time Mr. Thompson is slotted to take over as chief financial officer. She will report to Neil A Cotty, the bank’s chief accounting officer.

Update: Bank of America would like to emphasize that the Noski move was "unrelated" to the the hiring of Hill. "We had an opening and found a highly qualified candidate," a spokesman for the bank said.



Bank Of America Hoping Someone In HR Knows How To Pass A Stress Test

Otherwise Brian Moynihan may have to dust off that C.V.

Bank Of America Hoping To Fire Thousands Of Employees In Record Time

Remember Project New BAC, i.e. Bank of America's plan to transform itself from Ken Lewis's house of fun, where everyone went home happy but the concept of making money was less of a focus than keeping the good times coming, to an institution that did things like post profits? The bank has said previously that PNBAC "will result in $8 billion in annual savings by 2015—$5 billion from the first phase and $3 billion from a second phase" and while it stands by those figures and remains committed to cutting as many employees as it takes, some people would like them to be a bit snappier about it. Bank of America is accelerating a broad cost-cutting plan and has set a target of shedding 16,000 jobs by year's end—cuts that would see the company relinquish its title as U.S. banking's largest employer. The proposed year-end total of 260,000 would be the lowest count since 2008 and likely give Bank of America a smaller workforce than JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, or Wells Fargo...Chief Executive Brian Moynihan is trying to speed the company's transformation into a smaller and more efficient operation as he tries to persuade investors that expenses can be adjusted to compensate for revenue lost to new regulations, an uneven economy and shaky markets. Since becoming CEO in 2010, he has shifted away from a nationwide expansion strategy embraced by his predecessors Hugh L. McColl Jr. and Kenneth D. Lewis, and shed many of the businesses that he considers to be nonessential...Hitting the new staffing target would fulfill a year early Mr. Moynihan's pledge to slash the bank's workforce by approximately 30,000. "If they want to make any headway toward improving profitability," said Sterne Agee & Leach Inc. senior banking analyst Todd Hagerman, "they need to accelerate the timeline." Bank Of America Ramps Up Job Cuts [WSJ]

Bank Of America To Celebrate Only Being Liable For $40 Billion (And Counting!) Worth Of Countrywide Slip-Ups

A couple dozen more of these $1.27 billion wins and this whole thing might not look like the worst business deal in history after all!