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There are a lot of ways to invest out there. Unfortunately, most forms of individual-investor retail active trading are more like gambling than they are like investing, Why? The house always wins, and the longer you play the more money you stand to lose.
“These forms of trading should be regulated as gambling,” says Jon Stein, CEO of “For those who want to gamble, E*Trade or Options Express are great accounts."

You work long nights so you won’t have to when you’re old, right? You put in the hours to pay off your debt and save so your kids won’t have the debt in the first place.

So why would you take your hard-earned savings and invest them in high-stakes poker? That’s right, you wouldn’t.

Stein says his company,, is a better, safer alternative to sites like E*Trade. is different because it uses diversified portfolios of ETFs and treasury bonds to track the market, not to beat it. Consumers are not gambling on individual stock picks – they are simply allocating their dollars based on risk tolerance.

"Over the long haul, your money will grow with the market,” Stein says. “That is the only gamble a smart investor ought to take."

If you’re tired of gambling with your investment portfolio, set up your account in less than five minutes.

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