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Business School Professor Didn't Know You Couldn't Bring Exotic Dancers To Class

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Jack Rappaport is a business professor at Lasalle University. Last month he gave students an opportunity to earn extra credit by taking a "symposium" on business ethics, for which he charged attendees $150. Their admission fee apparently went toward the hiring of three strippers, if you can even call them that, according to some attendees who were not impressed. "They were just dancing around the room," said junior Louis Halegoua. "I mean, they had clothes on and stuff." One, however, was apparently was doing a special kind of dance.

"I don't know, just kind of laying on top of him. Not laying on top of him but straddling him. It was like a lap dance you could say," said sophomore Brad Bernardino.

It was during the "like a lap dance" portion of the class that the business school's dean happened to walk by the room and threw a wrench in the professor's plans.

"We didn't see him. He was, like, at the door. And he was like, 'It's over,'" said Halegoua.

The university has declined to comment, as has Professor Lap Dance, who said he wanted to tell his side of the story but can't until the school has wrapped up its investigation. While we wait, it seem pretty obvious that if the Dean had simply pulled the instructor out of class and asked what was going on, he would've heard that the girls were about to play a serious part in helping the students role play real life situations in which the lessons learned in their biz ethics class could be applied. Situations like:

* "You're with a client at a strip club and he's just poured coke on a stripper's ass [professor pours coke on a stripper's ass] and demands you snort it. Brad, what do you do? Do you refuse and make the client, in this case me, do it?"

* "Louis, your stripper friend mentions she's bought up shares of a company called Lubrizol that she suggests your boss at Berkshire Hathaway take a look at.** She also says you should consider buying yourself a bunch before pitching it to the head honcho. What do you do?"

* "Brad, you and the stripper are best friends who've known each other for years and worked at a hedge fund together called SMACK Capital. During that time you profited off of insider information together. The Feds come to you and say you can get a better deal for yourself and compete in triathlons if you get the stripper on tape talking about how she destroyed evidence with two pair of pliers and the discarded the pieces around the city. the stripper was the the maid of honor at your wedding and helped you get over being dumped by your former fiance. What do you do?"

* "Louis, Brad is your direct report. He's just killed this stripper and wants you to help him dump the body. You haven't yet found out your bonus number. What do you do?"
he would've poured coke in the strippers' ass and asked a student to snort it out and said

Lasalle Professor Investigated For Stripper Class [ABC]

**This is actually how David Sokol got the idea.


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