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Columbia Business School's "I Would Do Anything For This Job" Makes Us Question Everything We Know

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As we mentioned last week, in the grand tradition of business school follies, the performances generally have the same sort of appeal as a train wreck you can’t look away from. Which is why we were pretty surprised by this year's offerings from NYU Stern, which were actually fairly amusing in their own right (in particular, the Black Swot). Naturally, we assumed this was an aberration and not some sort of newfangled trend wherein these things have entertainment value. Then something happened a few hours ago that frightened us and left us searching for answers.

We watched CBS's "I Would Do Anything For This Job."

And our reaction was, this isn't terrible?

And that scared us because historically, these things are not something you'd watch unless being held at gunpoint and ordered to do so. We panicked and fearing we were going soft, sent it off to a few harsh critics who confirmed they liked it as well, and that the year on year gain in quality is astounding. Which still leaves us asking, why and how? Has a weak job market translated to less interviews for second-years with extra time on their hands? Were they forced to take a class? Did they seek professional help? HELP US TO UNDERSTAND.