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Connecticut-Based Junkies Currently Seeking Investors For New Distressed Debt Fund

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Minimum investment is 10 empty Coke cans.

...Charles A. Cravish also had a hypodermic needle in a pocket, police said. He was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and soliciting without a town permit. Brent A. Goggins, 32, also was charged with soliciting without a permit, police said. He was released on a $100 bond posted by his girlfriend, a Southbury woman. Her Toyota Camry was being used by Goggins and Cravish and the car was towed, police said. Cravish and Goggins were going door-to-door on Fenwood Avenue on Saturday morning and later on Carol Road and Exeter Avenue. When neighbors became suspicious, police were called at around noon. The Toyota was spotted by police a half-hour later parked on nearby Exeter Avenue at the corner of Trout Brook Drive. Goggins said “they were going door-to-door collecting cans because he was using them to get money to start a hedge fund,” police said.

If you act quickly, Cravish and Goggins will trim their fees for the first 100 cans (and their 5 cent refunds) pledged.

Fugitive From Florida Captured [Patch via BI]


Attention Connecticut Residents: Watch Out For Tire Irons To The Face

Among the many reasons typically cited by hedge fund managers who choose to run their business out of Connecticut instead of New York are: 1. The room to stretch their shit out 2. Proximity to the Long Island Sound 3. Convenience for those already living in the area. Some probably also believe that the Fairfield County is slightly safer than New York City. That you're not going to get jumped walking out of the office or beaten with a tire iron because you messed with someone's man or woman. OR WILL YOU?