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David Tepper Gets The Go-Ahead To Stick It To Jon Corzine

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As you may recall, last fall, Appaloosa founder David Tepper told New York that it would be fair to interpret the fact that he bought the $50 million beach house belonging to the ex-wife of Jon Corzine, the man who passed him over for a Goldman partnership, with the intent of demolishing it and building a bigger, better house in its place as his way of rubbing his success in Corzine's face. “You could say there was a little justice in the world," Tepper, who left Goldman to found his hedge fund and become a multi-billionaire, said with a smile on his face. Today brings word that Tepper's dream will be seen to completion- Sagaponak has approved the demolition of the home, as well as Tepp's request to build a much more luxurious house (large enough to accommodate his noted balls), where the hovel once stood.

Architect Jaquelin Robertson of Cooper Robertson Architects told the Sagaponack architectural and historic review board that the new home would be a cedar-shingled two-story Georgian Colonial-style house and compared the mahogany window trim to renovations at President Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, according to minutes from the board's March meeting.

The design outlined at that meeting includes large, octagonal windows that will run across the second floor dining room "in order to accommodate his client's request to be able to see the sunset," Robertson said in the minutes. The plan also features a sunken tennis court, three-car garage, a widow's walk, second-floor decks including one with a Jacuzzi, and a covered porch. The new house would be 21 feet farther from the beach.

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