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Erin Burnett Is Leaving You

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The Times reports that Mark Haines' gal-pal is "ready" to jump to CNN.

Erin Burnett is poised to sign a long-term contract with CNN, according to three people with knowledge of her plans. The signing will represent a shift to general news anchoring for Ms. Burnett, who has shown interest in branching out beyond business news, CNBC’s specialty. It is unclear what time slot she will occupy at CNN.

Ms. Burnett, who was considered a rising star within CNBC and its parent, NBCUniversal Media, held talks with two broadcast networks, ABC and CBS, before deciding to join CNN, according to two of the people.

For those of you not ready to accept the news, you could conceivably zero in on the fact that it doesn't sound like Burnett has *actually* signed the contract yet, meaning perhaps she can be convinced (by begging on hands and knees, Mark) to stay. For those who've hearts have been broken by the betrayal and need to rebound in the arms of another woman or man, who would you like to see take over the Squawk on the Street slot? Don't limit yourselves to just the CNBC talent pool.